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September marked the beginning of spider season in the UK, and throughout the autumn Britons can expect to see more eight-legged critters scuttling around their homes. Whether you are an arachnophobe or simply don’t like the idea of spotting the pest within your abode, Ceith Griffith, a TikTok user with 1.4M followers has a simple solution to “keep spiders from coming into your house”.
Not only does the hack use just two ingredients, it’s also a low-cost and eco-friendly option.
Ceith explained: “It only takes two things, is very simple, safe and non-toxic.
“All you need is 10 ounces of water and cayenne red pepper.”
Cayenne red pepper can be bought from most supermarkets, with Sainsbury’s selling their own brand of the spice for 90p.
READ MORE: ‘They don’t like it!’ ’Easiest’ natural methods for banishing spidersCayenne pepper spray to get rid of spidersCayenne pepper in tubeThe kitchen cupboard spice is an irritant to spiders, impacting their sense of smell and even their eyes.
Spiders smell with their legs, so once they run into an area where cayenne pepper is present, it can confuse their sense of smell and send them running.
Cayenne pepper can also have the same effect on ants and termites.
To create a spider-deterring mixture, Ceith recommends making a simple solution of cayenne pepper and water.
He said: “Take two tablespoons of the cayenne pepper and add it to the water bottle, then shake the water bottle.
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“Make sure you spray around every window on the outside of your house.
“This will repel and prevent the spiders from coming into your house.”
Experts from Outdoor Alive suggest the effects of cayenne pepper can last “for a few weeks” when applied to outdoor spaces, although the spray may need to be topped up after rainfall.When are pests active graphicAlong with cayenne pepper, there are a few more scents which can help to repel spiders.
The strong smell of peppermint and citrus can send critters running in the other direction.
To utilise peppermint, simply combine peppermint essence or oil with water and pop it into a spray bottle. Then, spritz the window sills, doorways and corners which may be impacted in your home.
You can also use the peel from citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons, to deter the creepy crawlies. Simply place the peel in impacted areas.
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