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Damp clothes have a habit of smelling musty, mouldy and unpleasant, especially if they’re dried indoors without much ventilation. Sometimes though, laundry smells as soon as it leaves the machine even after being washed with fabric conditioner. This could be because the clothes are too wet or an internal problem with the washing machine.
Luckily, fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have revealed how they stop their clothes smelling after washing them.
Mrs Hinch, who is a cleaning expert and author, has more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home advice on social media.
Recently, fans of hers have taken to social media to share their own hacks for solving common household problems.
Facebook user Tanayer Saunders wrote: “Please help! Every time I do my washing it comes out and it smells lovely.
READ MORE: ‘Best solution’ to descale kettles in ‘10 minutes’ – ‘you need it’how to remove damp smells laundry clothes“Then, when I put it on the airer to dry it stinks. Horrible! I’ve even tried that conditioner that’s supposed to make it smell like it’s been dried outside. I’ve cleaned the washing machine as well but nothing works.”
The post was inundated with responses but the most popular suggestion was to put the washing on an extra spin so it dries more quickly once it’s out of the machine.
Karla Taylor said: “It’s taking too long to dry so leaves a damp funky smell? I spin my machine again when I’ve finished washing.
“Hang tops etc. on hangers on curtain rails. Dries quicker than on an airer and doesn’t smell.”
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Shirley Golding replied: “I give it an extra spin. I find that works. Dries quicker and holds the freshly-washed smell.”
Teresa Nikolic wrote: “I give [washing] two extra spins and use a dehumidifier to help it dry quicker.”
Joanne Hey posted: “[It’s] taking too long to dry. I’ve started putting it on an extra spin, airing then finishing it on the radiators.”
Grace Cunningham commented: “Make sure you spin on the fastest spin so clothes aren’t too wet or heavy.
“Space out more on the drying rack giving two bars to each item so it doesn’t take too long to dry.”
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Celine Bennett said: “Extra spin. If you look at the weather and have an hour or even more, put them outside.
“Watch if you are still at home for the dark clouds. If they’re not too heavy, take them in and put them on the airer. It should work. It does for mine.”
Tracey Bugbee replied: “I use my liquid, Comfort or Lenor, Outdoorables and a scoop of Oxi wash.
“Then, an extra spin after the wash. To dry, I put them in a small room with the dehumidifier on and hang as many things up high as I can.
“It seems to make it dry quicker. Oh and while drying I spray a couple of times with Lenor crease releaser.”
Spin cycles extract moisture from clothes at the end of a wash cycle which reduces the time it takes to dry the washing.
The higher the speed – or RPM (revolutions per minute) – of the spin cycle, the drier the clothes will be when they come out of the machine.
Washing machines will likely have a default spin speed for specific types of fabric. Wool and delicates will have a slower spin speed and synthetic fabrics will have a mid-range spin cycle.
Cotton will be able to handle a high-speed spin cycle. The labels inside the garments will say what material the garment is made of which will determine the best spin cycle speed.Mrs Hinch's top cleaning productsOther suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans for making laundry smell better included using Vanish, white vinegar, Zoflora, laundry cleanser, a dehumidifier and laundry perfume.
Catherine Louise said: “Use Vanish or the same kind of product. Works every time.”
Julie Karlosbarry Brawny replied: “Add distilled white vinegar to your wash.”
Lu Lu wrote: “Laundry cleanser might help. That shouldn’t happen even if they take a long time to dry.
“Perhaps clothes not getting clean enough if you’ve already tried cleaning the machine.
Helen Samuels posted: “Try putting a capful of Zoflora in the fabric conditioner compartment of the machine instead of fabric conditioner.”
Laura Newton suggested: “Try Kifra Laundry Perfume from Amazon. That’s what I use. It’s about £15.”
Helen Beresford Peevor wrote: “I have to take my washing out the machine as soon as it finishes or it smells as well.”
Carrie Leiper said: “It’s not drying quickly enough. Get a tumble dryer or dehumidifier or, if possible, dry outside.”
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