This Just-Launched, Lightweight Lipstick and Liner Helped Conceal My Dry, Chapped Lips in Seconds – AOL

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They're filled with skin-enriching ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caster oil, candelilla, and more.
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My battle against persistently dry, flaky lips is never-ending, and the recent Northeast frost hasn't helped. Hence, I've been leaning toward tinted lip balms to restore some moisture while adding a pop of color lately. So, when I heard that Lys Beauty was launching its first line of lip products packed with skin-enriching ingredients, I was immediately intrigued.
In 2021, Lys Beauty became the first BIPOC-owned clean beauty brand at Sephora and has since been on a mission to diversify the clean beauty industry. Created by makeup artist Tisha Thompson, the entire product line aims to provide universal shade options backed by a skin-first ethos that targets visible signs of premature aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tone and texture while remaining gluten-, talc-, fragrance-, mineral oil-, and SLS-free. All products are under $30 in order to remain accessible.
Today, Lys Beauty debuted its new Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick and Speak Love Smooth Glide Lip Liner Pencil collections. Both introduce seven shades of opaque lip hues from peachy coral and reddish brown to warm nude and berry. The brand sent me the lipstick in the warm mauve Moody shade and the liner in terracotta mauve Driven.
Lys Beauty
To buy: $20;
The Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick is a weightless cream-to-powder formula designed to last, and it’s loaded with hyaluronic acid, chia seed oil, and maxi lip to hydrate, condition, and gently plump your pout. The Speak Love Smooth Glide Lip Liner Pencil is meant to prep your lips with nourishing caster oil, moisture-retaining candelilla, and hyaluronic acid.
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Lys Beauty
To buy: $15;
The terms moisture and matte aren't commonly associated, so I wanted to put these formulas to the ultimate test on my extremely parched lips. I decided not to prep my mouth with an exfoliating scrub or apply balm before trying them out. My lips were a little chapped in certain areas, but the liner didn't tug or irritate them, and instead, flawlessly glided over any texture from dry patches.
When I applied the lipstick after outlining my mouth, I was amazed at how smooth and evenly it coated my lips. I only needed one light-handed swipe to see the color pay off for both products. I went about my day, drinking and eating normally to examine their longevity, and for the first time in a long time, I completely forgot I was even wearing lipstick until I wiped my mouth on a napkin. The formulas still felt comfortable after reapplying another layer and four-plus hours of wear.
Finally, thanks to the infused skincare ingredients, I found matte lip colors for dry, chapped lips that don't emphasize texture or irritate my mouth. If you're looking for something with significant color impact and moisturizing, all-day wear, check out Lys Beauty's new Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick and Speak Love Smooth Glide Lip Liner Pencil.
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